Social Media Advertising

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Ads Account setup

We design and set up AdWords campaigns on all available formats for keyword search campaigns, display (or banner) campaigns, and retargeting.

We research the right keywords for your campaigns and establish a strategy to place Ads on the most relevant and cost-effective search queries.

We optimize the campaigns on an ongoing basis for Desktop, Mobile et per Ad campaign channel (CPC, Display, or retargeting).

Ads design

Using Google AdWords, we design & push display campaigns to right audiences on YouTube for your Ads.

Campaign setup & optimization

We do the same work than for AdWords for the Bing search engine.

The benefits of social media advertising

  • Increased traffic to website
  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • More opportunities to convert 
  • Increase sales Improve customer service 
  • Distribute content Get ahead of your competitors
  • Less expensive than traditional advertising

Some statistics and trends

  • 93% of the buying decisions of online shoppers is dependent on social media
  • 84% of online shoppers use at least one social media site to get recommendations before making a purchase online

We manage over 25 ad accounts on Facebook and over 100 campaigns.

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