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SEO Audit & Recommendations

We do a technical audit of your website and make recommendations on how to comply with the latest best practices for SEO. In most cases, we can then help you implement the technical changes to fix the issues we might have uncovered.

We do an editorial audit of your website’s content and make recommendations on how to improve the ranking of your content on Search Engines. We can then help you either edit your existing content or produce a few extra pieces of content we think would be critical for the ranking of your website.

Link Building

We use a set of tools and online partners to maximize the distribution of either the link to your website (through online directories for example) or of your content (through content syndication for example).

Local SEO

We help you leverage Google Small Business solutions and Google Maps to maximize your local reach in Google.

We also help you implement web pages for each of your store locations and link them to Google and Facebook location services.

We have over 10 years of experience in search engine ranking and SEO.

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