Content Creation for the Web

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Blog posts

We help you define an editorial strategy that will enable to create content that will drive engagement with and develop loyalty for your brand.

We write short from (500 words) and long form (1,500 words) articles for your blog. We also make sure we choose an appropriate a royalty-free image to support the content of the article.

We make sure that our content strategy and writing process follows SEO best practices in terms of keywords, titles, and content structure.

Messages for social media

We write the text for messages for your posts. We also produce images to update the headers of social media profile page, and design engaging images for your social media audience, such as inspirational quotes for example.


We either write eBooks (or White Papers) from scratch after an initial briefing session, or we consolidate articles that we’ve written around a given thematic into an eBook.


We produce Webinar from the initial briefing, the presentation deck for the Webinar, to the selection or training of the speaker that will host the Webinar.


We can train you on how to create an impactful editorial calendar for your blog and for social media.

We can train you on how to write for the Web and for Social Media.

We have created over 300 pieces of content for blogs in English and in French.

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