Community Management on Social Medias

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Profile setup

We setup or update the design of your Social Media profiles on any available social networks. Each social network has its specific image formats and description options and we make sure they are consistent and filled in properly.

Content planning

We plan the editorial calendar of the messages to post on all social networks. Messages can be text, links, images, videos, etc. You get to approve the content two weeks before we publish them.

Content production

We write the text for messages for your posts. We also produce images to update the headers of social media profile page, and design engaging images for your social media audience, such as inspirational quotes for example.

Customer Service support

We’re the front line of your customer support on social media and so we decide with you of the appropriate response to give for customer inquiries and complaints, as well as the escalation process when a customer is really disgruntled.


We organize various types of contest to either drive engagement (such as photo contests) or help you collect emails from your fans (such as sweepstakes contests).


We promote some message from your social media page (often called sponsored content) with a small budget to display that message to a broader number of users on the social network.


We can train you on how to manage,the different aspects of community management.

We manage over 50 social media accounts for businesses.

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