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TELUS Québec, the provincial division of the second largest telecommunications operator in Canada, is accelerating its growth in B2B sales by investing in Content Marketing & Marketing Automation to better serve its business customers.


Our approach:

  • B2B Content & Platform performance assessment
  • B2B Personas assessment
  • B2B Customer Journey Mapping
  • B2B Content Strategy Planning
  • B2B Editorial Strategy aligned with buyer’s journey
  • B2B Content alignment with lead generation automation
  • Content Production Planning & Processes
  • Content lifecycle planning
  • Content Marketing campaign templates
  • Lead nurturing and generation paths analysis
  • Impact on website UI/UX assessment
  • Budget and operations planning

Our deliverables:

  • B2B Content Marketing yearly roadmap
  • B2B Content Marketing operations plan
  • B2B Content Marketing planning frameworks & briefing templates

We support you in the implementation of all types of online ads campaigns

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