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Les Affaires, Quebec’s leading business news media, and IBM partnered in 2012 to launch a content marketing initiative called Productivité 202020 with branded content that would help Quebec’s companies understand the benefits of cloud computing and how they could leverage it to be more productive and competitive. The goal: 20% productivity increase for Quebec in 2020.


We helped Les Affaires’ B2B team setup and orchestrate the social media reach and community development for the initiative.

Client goals:

  • Increase engagement on all social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus).
  • Increase branded content reach by maximizing content sharing.
  • Weekly KPI reporting focusing on owned media reach and number of white paper downloads.

Our approach:

  • Content curation strategy planning for each social network.
  • Creating cross references between social networks. For instance we wanted to promote Q&A’s organized on LinkedIn on other social networks.
  • Posting content in other LinkedIn groups to increase reach and engagement with content in other existing business communities.

Our deliverables:

  • Editorial calendar with social media messages tailored to each specific social networks with a buffer of two weeks ahead of time.
  • Community management on all social networks to maximize engagement.
  • Influencer outreach on Twitter to grow followship and engagement with the program’s Twitter account.
  • Weekly reports on social media engagement KPI, Social Sharing KPI, and number of white paper downloads.

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